Joseph Cox Earns ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification- Athens Arborist Tree Service
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Joseph Cox Earns ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Joseph Cox Earns ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

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Joseph Cox, ISA Certified Arborist and owner of Athens Arborist, recently earned his qualification through the ISA as a practitioner of Tree Risk Assessment.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

TRAQ is an ISA qualification program that trains arborists how to use the methodologies outlined in the ISA Best Management Practices for Tree Risk Assessment. This qualification promotes the safety of people and property by providing a standardized and systematic process for assessing tree risk. The results of a tree risk assessment can provide tree owners and risk managers with the information to make informed decisions to enhance tree benefits, health, and longevity.

isa-qualifications-traqA successful candidate must meet educational requirements in 4 out of 5 ISA defined core competencies to meet TRAQ per-requisite educational requirements. The ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification consists of a two-day course followed by a half-day examination. The examination consists of two parts: a 100-question, multiple-choice, written exam, and an outdoor, performance-based exam.

The objective of TRAQ is to enable the qualified professional to be proficient with the fundamentals of limited-visual and basic tree risk assessment, as defined in ISA Best Management Practices: Tree Risk Assessment.

About International Society of Arboriculture

The ISA Certification Program has led the way as a credentialing body in the arboricultural industry for many years.